Sunday, July 5, 2009

why should i diet??

well.. today maybe i would like to share on why i am dieting.. personally i have no grouses with my weight.. yes i do look like someone who belongs on the lorry with the sign "WIDE LOAD".. little kids do tease me when they see me.. but that doesnt put me down.. i still feel good about myself.. i have been to the doctors numerous times to take a medical.. the doctors cant find anything wrong me.. my blood pressure, my cholesterol, my blood sugar, my heart, my lungs, and all those other things that everybody is so scared about.. they are so baffled.. even athletes have some health problems.. so most of u must be wondering should i diet if everything about me is good..

here's partly the reason why.. its hard for me to find clothes.. well not in ur normal everyday clothes shop at least.. i must search for those big and tall sales.. not too fashionable.. but i dun think guys do really care about being in fashion or not.. or maybe im not just metrosexual yet.. HEHEHE..

another part of the reason is i wanna get married and start a family.. maybe i dun really understand girls or something but so far all of whom i have met dun really think of me as good husband material.. i am just a very good best friend material.. i am very mesra with everybody.. even my tag line "mesra" was stolen by bob AF.. so being mesra and all some people do tell me its not because i dont have the qualities most gals or even their parents are looking for in a husband or son in law.. its because i am a "WIDE LOAD"..

ah well i guess that says it all.. no clothes no wife.. so im basicly forced to diet and no longer become a "WIDE LOAD"


  1. tuh jodoh la.....maybe lom jodoh kot....masa belom time.....;)

  2. uish.. betul2 ko follow ek.. :)