Wednesday, July 8, 2009

another day another entry

good morning.. something rather new and interesting was made known to me last nite while i was chatting with my friend.. there is a program called "ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP CORPSTRAINING".. this program started in Australia in 1991, where people revolutionize their fitness and well being.. so i went to their website and read up on it..

kinda interesting i thought.. its like a gym but u do your exercises outdoors.. the testimonials sounds convincing too.. the program is just starting here in malaysia so maybe i'll drop by to watch their sessions first before i sign up.. and the sessions are only 3 time a week.. just wish they could change the timing though.. 545 to 645 am is not really suitable for muslims.. its during this time that we have to say our dawn prayers.. and sacrificing god over my own personal gain is not worth it.. for a person to be complete he or she must have mind, body and soul.. by leaving god i only have a healthy body but my mind and soul will be lost.. maybe i can call them up and let them know..

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