Saturday, July 18, 2009

notebook is back online - no thanks to the technician at IMBI Plaza

fuh.. got my moms HP Compaq notebook back online.. changed the hard drive to a 160GB Hitachi.. the original 60GB hard disk has been converted to become an external hard drive.. i had the shop at IMBI Plaza do it.. but i wonder.. does the technician really know what he was doing?

it was not because i dont know what or how to repair the notebook.. i just thought i could save time and get the tech to do the installation of the hard disk and reinstall my windows.. since i had to go to the PPR Cochrane (now known as PPR Laksamana and PPR Perkasa.. i dont know why DBKL had to separate it into 2 anyways)

so after 2 hours i went back to the shop.. to my surprise it was not ready yet.. the tech said my system clock went back to 2006 and since he rebooted the notebook, microsoft windows is asking for the activation key.. and he still hasnt installed the drivers for my audio and modem.. and when there were people who came to ask this and that about their laptops he left mine and attended to them.. i was thinking kasi panas ajer die ni.. dont tell me he was the only person who knows technical bullshit in the store.. i gave him almost an hour to do what he needed to do.. he gave me all sorts of reason on why he couldnt do it..

being pissed and bored to death of waiting i just took the laptop and told the tech that i'll do it myself at home.. i managed to activate my windows while i was driving out of kl.. took me like 3 minutes to do it.. and when i got back home.. i just connected to the HP website using my streamyx.. it scanned the notebook and instantly gave me the drivers that was needed.. in total it just took me 10 minutes to do what he couldnt do in 3 hours..

it made me think.. while i was at the project site he called up and said my original hard drive couldnt be read and he couldnt back up the files on it.. he said he was gonna format it and make it externally ready.. after experiencing the waiting and doing what i did on my own.. it made me think.. was the original hard drive condition as what he said or he was just being a bum and not wanting to do what he is supposed to do.. well now all the data is lost.. nasi dah jadi bubur..

the lesson here is that even if u do not have time.. u must make time to do something that u r so well versed at.. when u put ur trust unto others and u get shot down.. its already too late to turn back..

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