Thursday, July 30, 2009

went off track...

well today i ate chicken rice for lunch.. it was a treat by those who got the "anugerah khidmat cemerlang".. in the malay culture it is rude to tak memenuhi hajat orang.. so to oblige i had to eat.. my staff knew i was on the jusmate diet.. they politely apologized for making me miss my jus.. i said it was ok sekali sekala takpe.. for dinner i continued on the jus..

some may think it was just an excuse because i actually really wanted to eat the chicken rice.. that is not true.. i am determined to lose that 70kg in 3 months.. by not taking rice should speed things up.. coz i tried it before like 3 years back.. i lost 30kg in a month when i didnt take rice at all.. so.. 3 months.. 70 kg?? should not be too tough.. by october i want to weigh 100kg at least.. if i lose more, that would be a bonus.. but i do not want to go below 80kg.. that would make me underweight la plak.. hahaha.. its hard being human aint it.. moderation is the way to go.. ;)

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