Wednesday, July 15, 2009

tukar topik kejap - handphone

well yesterday i just got a brand new phone.. a Nokia N86 8MP.. since it is new i am still trying to figure out how most of the functions work or where the usual buttons that i used to press are.. other than that the functionality of my new phone is almost the same as all my other nokia phones.. on my mind also was the N97 but since is like RM800 more expensive than the N86.. well i felt like i had to for go a few features to fit my budget..

i have been using nokia for a long time since 1998.. gosh i wish i kept a list of all the models that i used to have.. for now other than the model i am talking about i have a 6120 and an e71.. i did try out samsung, sony ericsson and apple iphone 3g but i still prefer how nokia makes their phones and its user friendliness..

some of you may wonder why in the world do i need so many phones.. well i have 2 sim cards.. one Celcom Post Paid and the other is a Maxis Hotlink Prepaid.. so its logical that i have more than 1 phone.. why the third phone? guess im trying to keep up with the trend.. the phone was too good to resist.. thank god i do not have a Digi or U Mobile line as well, only god knows how many phones i need to carry at the same time if had subscribed to all cellular service providers.. LOL!!!

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