Friday, July 31, 2009

the FRIDAY test

friday is rather testing for a guy is trying to lose weight.. as in any other friday i will head to the mosque for friday prayers.. slowly more and more people start to gather outside the mosque.. why? because there are so many hawkers stalls setup up.. they are selling lunch.. some are selling mixed rice, beriani rice, noodle soup and some are just selling drinks..

the test is that all of the food there smells so delicious and looks very tempting.. especially when i pass by a beriani stall.. the aroma.. WOOWWWWWW!!!! its like a must buy.. beriani is my favorite.. one of the first thing that i learned to cook was beriani.. i said to myself if only i wasnt only diet i would surely have some.. i had to keep a strong mind.. and also a strong stomach to resist the temptation to buy..

it was like a scene in "Tiga Abdul" where Abdul Wahub played by P. Ramlee returned to the house for dinner.. the dialog was where Sadiq Segaraga played by Ahmad Nisfu said to Abdul Wahub "argghhh dalam rumah ini semua orang tak makan ambil bau sahaja"... one of the many P. Ramlee movies i like to watch...

i didnt buy it coz i wanted to stick to my diet.. so that was the end... i took a whiff and "ambil bau sahaja" ;)

You'll Never Walk Alone

no this is not about me exercising walking around the office block or around my neighbourhood.. this is about Liverpool Football Club.. since i was a kid i loved and became an avid almost fanatic fan of LFC.. in the good old days.. when there was only RTM to watch.. almost every other saturday there would be a live telecast.. watching ian rush, bruce grobbelaar, kevin keegan, kenny daglish and many others.. i still dream of being able to watch a live game in Anfield one day.. sitting in the KOP section.. god willing i will make my dream come true..

in preparation for the 2009-2010 season there are many rumours and speculation going around about changes in the team.. LFC got Glen Johson.. but lost Alvaro Arbeloa.. and now LFC is on the verge of losing Xabi Alonso and Javier Mascherano.. i wish they wouldnt go.. LFC almost won the EPL last season.. missing out by just 4 points.. but with the current development it almost sound very difficult to recapture the EPL last won in 1990.. but football is a business now.. there is no room for loyalty anymore.. whatever it is.. i know Rafael Benitez will do his best to have a strong team this season.. i wish LFC the best.. and pray for their success.. YNWA

Thursday, July 30, 2009

went off track...

well today i ate chicken rice for lunch.. it was a treat by those who got the "anugerah khidmat cemerlang".. in the malay culture it is rude to tak memenuhi hajat orang.. so to oblige i had to eat.. my staff knew i was on the jusmate diet.. they politely apologized for making me miss my jus.. i said it was ok sekali sekala takpe.. for dinner i continued on the jus..

some may think it was just an excuse because i actually really wanted to eat the chicken rice.. that is not true.. i am determined to lose that 70kg in 3 months.. by not taking rice should speed things up.. coz i tried it before like 3 years back.. i lost 30kg in a month when i didnt take rice at all.. so.. 3 months.. 70 kg?? should not be too tough.. by october i want to weigh 100kg at least.. if i lose more, that would be a bonus.. but i do not want to go below 80kg.. that would make me underweight la plak.. hahaha.. its hard being human aint it.. moderation is the way to go.. ;)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

not hungry, happy and losing weight

its been 5 packets since i started my Diet 2 of Herbaprima Jus Mate 5.. 2 lunches and 3 dinners.. so far i eat breakfast as usual.. u know the usual malaysian breakfast.. either nasi lemak or roti canai or roti telur.. i know i should be eating alternatives like chapati or tosai or roti bakar.. being malaysian.. the malaysian breakfast is the way to go.. but i still avoid taking nasi lemak though..

it has been smooth sailing.. i dont feel hungry at all.. kinda weird coz from the taste of it.. its just like orange juice.. maybe i couldve tried drinking orange juice before huh.. but well ive parted with my cash.. even though it is still early in the program, i think it has been spent wisely.. a good investment.. do keep in mind not all investment returns come in the form of money..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

surfing the internet for free e-books..

i was surfing the internet for free e-books.. dont really like to read books but i was just curious what is actually an e-book.. so i first looked up for the definition of e-book.. and here's what i found on google search

Definitions of E-book on the Web:

An e-book (short for electronic book, also written eBook or ebook) is an e-text that forms the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed ...

electronic book, a book published in electronic form

An electronic version of a traditional print book that can be read by using a personal computer and/or an e-Book reader. ...

Electronic books that readers can download from the Internet or borrow through a library and read using a handheld device.

An electronic book, available online. You will find citations to e-books in PILOT: The Libraries' online catalog. ...

A general term used to describe a text or monograph which is available in an electronic form and is read using a computer or other electronic device.

A book produced digitally, often in the absence of a printed book.

an electronic book; the BMCC library purchases eBooks through the database NetLibrary.

An electronic book. Its contents are largely the same as a conventional book, in that it has a cover, a table of contents, chapters, and usually ...

so like there a so many definitions but all of 'em means the same.. and then i browsed around more for these so called e-books.. and one title caught my eye.. "how to be happy and have fun changing the world".. i have nothing against the author.. but what is the world coming to when u need someone to teach u how to be happy?? i wonder if there is an e-book on how to be depressed?? maybe i google it after posting.. LOL!!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Herba Prima Jus Mate 5 - just starting

last nite.. well actually a few hours ago.. its been only 22 minutes since it turned into monday the 27th.. i got the delivery of my first 3 boxes of jus mate 5.. a local diet product produced in jitra, kedah.. and to start off the diet i took my first drink..

i have been pondering on what new diet product to try and jus mate 5 sounds good.. maybe i was influenced by the ads in harian metro.. who wouldnt be.. when u see a guy who used to weigh 135kg was reduced to 65kg in 3 months... thats about 70kg.. my weight is 175kg i think.. like i said earlier i couldnt find a bathroom scale that can take my weight.. so if all goes as planned and if judging by the success rate shown in the ads i may reach my ideal weight by october.. cool huh..

according to the directions in the box i should follow diet 2 since my weight is over 100kg.. it says i can have anything i like for breakfast.. half of my regular portion of course.. take jus mate 5 for lunch and another for dinner.. i should also drink 500ml to 1000ml more than my current liquid intake..

well here goes.. wish me luck

Sunday, July 26, 2009

my diet

it has been several posts since i've talked about my diet.. well i dont see much progress.. too much weight to lose i guess.. but there are instances where i feel the clothes that i wear are not as snug as they were before.. am i really losing the weight or is it because i am dehydrated??? i cant check my weight because no regular bathroom scale can take my weight.. do i need to go to the meat market and weigh myself there?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

what does your birthday say about you?

i did a quiz on facebook and here are the results..

Has lots of extraordinary ideas. Difficult to fathom. Think forward. Unique. Brilliant. Sharp thinking. Fine, strong clairvoyance. make good doctors. Dynamic. Secretive. Inquisitive. Know how to dig secrets. Always thinking. Less talkative. amiable. Brave. generous. Patient. Stubborn. hardhearted. Determined. Never quit. Hardly become angry unless provoked. Love to be alone. Think differently. Sharp-minded. Motivate self. Doesn't appreciate praises. High-spirited. Well-built, tough. Deep love, emotions. Romantic. Uncertain in relationships. Homely. Hardworking. High abilities. Trustworthy. Honest. Keeps secrets. Cant control emotions. Unpredictable.

my thoughts.. well basicly it describes me.. not 100% but close enough.. the part that i dont really agree is "love to be alone" damn.. macam tau2 je aku ni anak tunggal.. hehehe.. well i dont really love to be alone.. i do want to start a family.. but being "uncertain in relationships" really spoils it.. LOL!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

challenges for "1 Malaysia"

An article i read from Sin Chew Daily News:

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s “One Malaysia” concept is now tested by the incidents that happened 103 days after he took the office.

The death of DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock on the 104th day has changed the initial harmony and peaceful situation. Since then, many ridiculous incidents happened, various racial remarks were made, the human rights issue has been turned into a racial and political issue and a rally was held by UMNO members to support the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). Racial politics has distorted the thought of many people, divided the society and everyone is now having their own axe to grind. How is Najib going to lead such a country? How is he going to reform the country and turn it into a high-income nation?

Najib wishes to improve racial relations and enhance economy, but many are sabotaging his effort as they are concerned only about their own political agenda and care not about national interests. Political fights between the ruling and opposition party has triggered the credibility crisis of the national law enforcement authorities. How is Najib going to lead the people towards unity?

"If we turn a blind eye to human rights violation, our children may be the ones to suffer in the future."

After Teoh’s death, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad came out with the “non-Malays were the real masters of the country” remarks with the purpose of diverting attentions, which is also his expertise. During his term of office, he used to divert the people’s attention from important issues by such means when.

Many people could not stand for it and countered his remarks but fell into his trap instead. Pakatan Rakyat leaders already knew his tricks and that was why they gave no response to it.

Extreme racism and thoughts are the barriers to build a progressive and prosperous Malaysia. In the United States and other advanced countries, the white people are the main racial group but they do not say anything like the white people are the masters of the country. The white people in the United States have voted a black president while Malaysia is still struggling with racial issues. Perhaps, we are the “dinosaur country” which is almost extinct in the 21th century globalisation.

Another barrier that holds back the country’s progress is, Malaysians are lack of universal values, including the concepts of human rights, democracy and freedom. Similar to other cases, Teoh’s case involves the violation of human rights by public power and the system needs to be changed. Unfortunately, many people do not see this point. This is terrible as more and more people can tolerate illegal acts and that makes us unable to build a civil society and at the same time, the country has no way to progress.

We defend human rights and freedom because we want to have a better tomorrow for the next generation. If we turn a blind eye to human rights violation, our children may be the ones to suffer in the future.

Another headache for Najib would be both the ruling and opposition parties are having their own political agenda; they do not want the other side to do better. Therefore, they came out with many little tricks while law enforcement agencies, officials and the people are caught in the middle. They become emotional and have lost direction.

In order to rule such a complex country, it has been far from enough to rely only on slogans and economic liberalisation. Most importantly, the people’s mind must be liberated and racial politics must be eliminated. The country will be eventually divided if we keep struggling in racial issues

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bahasa Pahang..

being in pahang feels like being in a foreign land.. the language here sometimes is so hard to understand.. when the locals talk in either terengganu / kelantan / johor / negeri sembilan dialects i can roughly make out what they are saying.. maybe because the state is bordering so many states in the peninsular of malaysia they have a "rojak" language.. well maybe thats how the prime minister of malaysia dato seri najib tun razak came up with the 1 malaysia concept..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

outstation in pahang - staying connected

this week i will be outstation in pahang.. i will try to stay connected to the internet.. hoping either the hotel has some wifi access or i gotta use my use n86 8mp as a modem.. providing that in the area 3g is good..

Sunday, July 19, 2009

sunday.. 19 Julai

sunday.. a great day to relax.. i woke up at 10.. had breakfast.. went out for lunch and then came back home and rested.. and slept.. seronoknye.. its hard to get a good rest now a days.. been so very2 busy.. tomorrow is back to work day.. why is the weekend so short.. well if the weekend were to be extended to tuesday or any other day.. it will still be the same.. any working man or woman would dread the the day they have to go back to work.. but everyone must work.. if they do not work who is going to work? we are no longer cavemen.. but it think sometimes its worth being cavemen or king of the jungle.. u have no worries.. all your food are grown on trees.. but if i had a choice i dont think i can be a cavemen.. i do not know how to live their lives.. ;) does a cavemen really exist?

writers block..

i am having writers block.. i do not know what to write.. my brain is not 100% functioning..

Saturday, July 18, 2009

notebook is back online - no thanks to the technician at IMBI Plaza

fuh.. got my moms HP Compaq notebook back online.. changed the hard drive to a 160GB Hitachi.. the original 60GB hard disk has been converted to become an external hard drive.. i had the shop at IMBI Plaza do it.. but i wonder.. does the technician really know what he was doing?

it was not because i dont know what or how to repair the notebook.. i just thought i could save time and get the tech to do the installation of the hard disk and reinstall my windows.. since i had to go to the PPR Cochrane (now known as PPR Laksamana and PPR Perkasa.. i dont know why DBKL had to separate it into 2 anyways)

so after 2 hours i went back to the shop.. to my surprise it was not ready yet.. the tech said my system clock went back to 2006 and since he rebooted the notebook, microsoft windows is asking for the activation key.. and he still hasnt installed the drivers for my audio and modem.. and when there were people who came to ask this and that about their laptops he left mine and attended to them.. i was thinking kasi panas ajer die ni.. dont tell me he was the only person who knows technical bullshit in the store.. i gave him almost an hour to do what he needed to do.. he gave me all sorts of reason on why he couldnt do it..

being pissed and bored to death of waiting i just took the laptop and told the tech that i'll do it myself at home.. i managed to activate my windows while i was driving out of kl.. took me like 3 minutes to do it.. and when i got back home.. i just connected to the HP website using my streamyx.. it scanned the notebook and instantly gave me the drivers that was needed.. in total it just took me 10 minutes to do what he couldnt do in 3 hours..

it made me think.. while i was at the project site he called up and said my original hard drive couldnt be read and he couldnt back up the files on it.. he said he was gonna format it and make it externally ready.. after experiencing the waiting and doing what i did on my own.. it made me think.. was the original hard drive condition as what he said or he was just being a bum and not wanting to do what he is supposed to do.. well now all the data is lost.. nasi dah jadi bubur..

the lesson here is that even if u do not have time.. u must make time to do something that u r so well versed at.. when u put ur trust unto others and u get shot down.. its already too late to turn back..

Friday, July 17, 2009

notebook hard drive got fried..

HP hdd self Test fail #2 -07 was the error i got when i ran diagnostics on my moms notebook.. what did my mom do.. gosh.. now i have to get a new hard drive for the notebook and see what i can recover from the old one.. what happened in between? what happened before i came back home?

all i know that my mom is starting to blog.. and she likes to try and test all those features that she sees pop up on screen.. ive told her not to be too experimental.. the web is not that friendly.. but she simply doesnt listen.. because she said that it was taught by google on how to blog and how to get the most traffic.. now with the notebook out of commission theres no need for traffic at all..

my mom called like every 5 minutes because the notebook cant be turned on.. shes asking this and that.. i told her to wait until i came back.. but she kept trying to turn it on.. and now.. all i can say is history.. more money to be spent..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Certain Foods Can Excrete Chemicals that Make it Hard for You to Sleep - Part 2

Foods that you have found to be hard to digest should also be avoided. These can include goods that may cause gas. Broccoli, cabbage, beans, cucumbers and garlic can be hard on your stomach. If your stomach is having a hard time digesting the food, your body may suffer and sleep may be difficult.

Chinese food is a very common cause of insomnia. This is because of the high level of MSG stimulant used to cook the food. MSG can also be found in many seasonings, it is used as a preservative.

Consuming sugary foods before bed can also cause insomnia. This is because they cause a sugar rush in your bloodstream. This extra sugar in your blood causes a boost of energy that may make it hard for you to sleep.

Foods that contain high levels of pesticides, preservatives and other artificial additives may also cause insomnia. These are all unnatural chemicals that require more work from your digestive tract.

Cigarettes and alcohol also inhibit sleep. Nicotine may feel relaxing, but it is actually a stimulant that interrupts your sleep ability. Alcohol also changes the naturally balance of chemicals in your brain and affects your sleep. Your body tends to release adrenalin in response to alcohol consumption.

There are some healthy foods that may actually help you sleep at night. Having a carbohydrate snack can prevent your blood sugar from falling at night. Some great before bed snacks include: bananas, yogurt, milk, whole grain cereal or crackers, and peanut butter. Never eat a heavy meal before bed as your digestive system slows down and much of the calories will not be properly used by your body.

Since we spend one third of our time sleeping, it is very important to our overall health. When your body is sleep deprived the muscles suffer and cannot function properly. Maintain a healthy diet, and avoid troubling foods before bedtime to assure your body gets the sleep it needs!

Certain Foods Can Excrete Chemicals that Make it Hard for You to Sleep - Part 1

Food can be a common source of creating a chemical cause for insomnia. If you are suffering from insomnia on a nightly basis, or only once in a while, you should check your diet to see if there is a common source that may be contributing to your sleepless nights. Coffee, soda, chocolate, desserts, and spicy foods can all be the culprit behind your night waking.

Insomnia is a very annoying condition. When you can't sleep at night, you are tired during the day and less productive. While sleep needs vary from one person to the next, a healthy sleep goal is 7-9 hours a night. If you are not able to rest enough, your body will be less energetic and not able to function as you need it to.

Two very common causes of insomnia include caffeine consumption and food allergy or food sensitivity.

Caffeine is a stimulant that encourages active neurological movement. While this effect is great during the day when you need an extra energy boost, if consumed too late in the day, can affect your sleep. Caffeine enters your bloodstream through the consumption of coffee, soda, cold and cough medicine and tea. Try to avoid consuming caffeine late in the day so that your blood will be caffeine free by nighttime.

Eating a food that your body may be slightly allergic too can also cause insomnia. The most frequent foods that cause sleep disturbances are chocolate, wheat, corn and dairy. Even if you cannot define a food allergy to these products, they may be causing your insomnia. One common symptom of food sensitivity is restlessness. This restlessness that you experience throughout the day may leak over into your night and cause insomnia.

Increased fatigue can also be a symptom of food intolerance. A person with food sensitivity often wakes up in the morning feeling tired, and irritable. They may also feel that they "need" a nap in the afternoon. If this sounds like you, try keeping a chart of what you eat, and match the foods up to the mornings you feel more tired.

i cant sleep...

since starting on my diet.. i am starting to experience a change in myself.. no it is not weight loss.. well i dont think i have lost any weight from what i see in the mirror.. the change is that i cant sleep at night.. i usually get to bed at around 1am the latest.. now.. the earliest time i fall asleep is like at 4 or 5 am.. i am already up and about to go to work by 630am.. meaning i get 1 or a maximum of 2 hours of sleep a day.. gosh is this related to how i am dieting or its just my brain malfunctioning?

this lack of sleep is really not helping me at work.. theres less attention on what i do.. sometimes i am in a daze.. or should i say asleep but awake.. sleep standing??? LOL!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

tukar topik kejap - handphone

well yesterday i just got a brand new phone.. a Nokia N86 8MP.. since it is new i am still trying to figure out how most of the functions work or where the usual buttons that i used to press are.. other than that the functionality of my new phone is almost the same as all my other nokia phones.. on my mind also was the N97 but since is like RM800 more expensive than the N86.. well i felt like i had to for go a few features to fit my budget..

i have been using nokia for a long time since 1998.. gosh i wish i kept a list of all the models that i used to have.. for now other than the model i am talking about i have a 6120 and an e71.. i did try out samsung, sony ericsson and apple iphone 3g but i still prefer how nokia makes their phones and its user friendliness..

some of you may wonder why in the world do i need so many phones.. well i have 2 sim cards.. one Celcom Post Paid and the other is a Maxis Hotlink Prepaid.. so its logical that i have more than 1 phone.. why the third phone? guess im trying to keep up with the trend.. the phone was too good to resist.. thank god i do not have a Digi or U Mobile line as well, only god knows how many phones i need to carry at the same time if had subscribed to all cellular service providers.. LOL!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

food withdrawal syndrome - no wonder i am feeling what i am feeling

As soon as the intake of habitual foods stops, changes in all body systems begin to occur. Some patients report symptoms even within a few hours of not-eating a regular food. Coffee drinkers, for example are usually on an obligatory ingestion cycle and may get early withdrawal headaches and cravings within hours of missing regular coffee doses. Withdrawal symptoms tend to build in the first day, reaching their peak by day 2 or 3, although in some people the onset of the main withdrawal symptoms is delayed several days.

An optimistic prediction is that even people who have been chronically ill will experience a dramatic remission of symptoms within the first 10 days on phase 1. However, the first 10 to 20 days of clearing can be a bumpy ride. Patients routinely describe acute, distressing withdrawal symptoms. Clearing on Alpha ENF is the most abrupt but definitive method of clearing.

The most common withdrawal symptoms are:


food cravings

irritability, tearful


generalized aching and back pain

Any pre-existing symptom may increase or recur during withdrawal. Increased pain levels are very distressing. Muscle and joint pains tend to flare along with headache. Abdominal pains may increase or recur for several days, sometimes of a crampy nature, associated with nausea but seldom vomiting. A remarkable withdrawal pain occurs in the low back and often radiates into the buttocks and back of the legs. This back pain may have an aching-burning quality and can be severe enough to keep you in bed for 2-3 days.

Other common symptoms include nose congestion, sore throat, drowsiness, fatigue, irritability, chills, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle aching, cramps, and insomnia. Some patients become very emotional, either feeling depressed, tearful and withdrawn, or rage with unexpected passion. Food cravings may be intense and difficult to resist. The symptoms of food withdrawal resemble the withdrawal from narcotic drugs or alcohol.

After the initial disturbances settle, long-standing symptoms should subside and hopefully disappear. A state of relative well-being is eventually established. The initial withdrawal disturbances may subside after several days and then recur a few days later. We call this the "bouncing ball path". Sometimes symptoms flare and subside several times over the first 20 days, but, like bouncing balls, the intensity and duration of the flaring symptoms gets less with each bounce.

having a mood problem

it feels like i have been on diet for ages.. when i look into the mirror i dont see any difference.. kinda frustating.. with that also i am starting to get cranky and i easily blast people who just make simple mistakes.. is it because i am getting malnourished? it must be the food withdrawal syndrome.. hard to explain.. i dont even feel hungry but i do feel i get sleepy easily.. i've read that when ur brain is lacking of oxygen u start to yawn.. so like i am yawning every 3 minutes.. mind boggling.. maybe i try to look it up on the internet and if i get the answer i'll post it here

Sunday, July 12, 2009

a collection of 25 diet tips from industry experts

Here you go . . .

1. Add just one fruit or veggie serving daily. Get
comfortable with that, then add an extra serving until you
reach 8 to 10 a day.

2. Eat at least two servings of a fruit or veggie at every

3. Resolve never to supersize your food portions-unless
you want to supersize your clothes.

4. Make eating purposeful, not mindless. Whenever you put
food in your mouth, peel it, unwrap it, plate it, and sit.
Engage all of the senses in the pleasure of nourishing your

5. Start eating a big breakfast. It helps you eat fewer
total calories throughout the day.

6. Make sure your plate is half veggies and/or fruit at
both lunch and dinner.

7. Eating out? Halve it, and bag the rest. A typical
restaurant entree has 1,000 to 2,000 calories, not even
counting the bread, appetizer, beverage, and dessert.

8. When dining out, make it automatic: Order one dessert to

9. Use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate.

10. See what you eat. Plate your food instead of eating out
of the jar or bag.

11. Eat the low-cal items on your plate first, then
graduate. Start with salads, veggies, and broth soups, and
eat meats and starches last. By the time you get to them,
you'll be full enough to be content with smaller portions
of the high-calorie choices.

12. Instead of whole milk, switch to 1 percent. If you
drink one 8-oz glass a day, you'll lose 5 lb in a year.

13. Juice has as many calories, ounce for ounce, as soda.
Set a limit of one 8-oz glass of fruit juice a day.

14. Get calories from foods you chew, not beverages. Have
fresh fruit instead of fruit juice.

15. Keep a food journal. It really works wonders.

16. Follow the Chinese saying: "Eat until you are
eight-tenths full."

17. Use mustard instead of mayo.

18. Eat more soup. The noncreamy ones are filling but

19. Cut back on or cut out caloric drinks such as soda,
sweet tea, lemonade, etc. People have lost weight by making
just this one change. If you have a 20-oz bottle of
Coca-Cola every day, switch to Diet Coke. You should lose
25 lb in a year.

20. Take your lunch to work.

21. Sit when you eat.

22. Dilute juice with water.

23. Have mostly veggies for lunch.

24. Eat at home.

25. Limit alcohol to weekends.

I hope that at least one of these tips helps you to reach
your goals.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Weight Loss Plan

When selecting a weight loss plan, make sure you are consuming a balanced and complete diet. Your assignment is to set realistic and attainable weight loss and diet goals. Start by following the simple guidelines below.

Nutritional and Weight Loss Plan Guidelines

Commit to consuming 4 - 6 small meals and snacks everyday.

To succeed, you must plan ahead by packing your foods the night before. Thus, you should always have fresh and low-fat foods around.

Keep it simple. Don't get too caught up on the specifics or your diet. Start by simply just counting calories.

Eat your foods slower.

Make healthier food selections like fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, and beans, low-fat or nonfat dairy products, low fat meats, fish and skinless poultry.

Avoid foods that are high in fat and calories.

Avoid foods that are high in sugars such as pastries, candy bars, pies and candy.

Use a variety of fruits and vegetables in your nutrition plan. Start by trying to eat 5 total vegetable and fruit servings every single day.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

another day another entry

good morning.. something rather new and interesting was made known to me last nite while i was chatting with my friend.. there is a program called "ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP CORPSTRAINING".. this program started in Australia in 1991, where people revolutionize their fitness and well being.. so i went to their website and read up on it..

kinda interesting i thought.. its like a gym but u do your exercises outdoors.. the testimonials sounds convincing too.. the program is just starting here in malaysia so maybe i'll drop by to watch their sessions first before i sign up.. and the sessions are only 3 time a week.. just wish they could change the timing though.. 545 to 645 am is not really suitable for muslims.. its during this time that we have to say our dawn prayers.. and sacrificing god over my own personal gain is not worth it.. for a person to be complete he or she must have mind, body and soul.. by leaving god i only have a healthy body but my mind and soul will be lost.. maybe i can call them up and let them know..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sharing an interesting research article about smoking and weight loss

Smoking and weight loss attempts in overweight and normal-weight adolescents

R S Strauss and H M Mir

Department of Pediatrics, UMDNJ¾Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

Correspondence to: R S Strauss, Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, UMDMJ¾Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, One Robert Wood Johnson Place, CN-19, New Brunswick, NJ 08903-0019, USA. E-mail:


AIM: To explore the relationship between smoking and dieting in a cross-sectional nationally representative sample of young adolescents.

METHODS: Smoking was assessed by serum cotinine concentrations in 1132 adolescents aged 12-18 y enrolled in the NHANES III study. Information on adolescents' weight loss attempts were obtained by questionnaire. Normal weight was defined as a body mass index (BMI) less than the 85th percentile for age and gender. Overweight was defined as a BMI equal to or greater than the 85th percentile for age and gender. Nutritional intake was assessed with a 24 h recall and food frequency questionnaire.

RESULTS: There was a two-fold increase in smoking among normal-weight adolescent girls who reported trying to lose weight (23.7% vs 12.6%, P<0.01). In contrast, prevalence of smoking was similar among overweight adolescent girls who tried to lose weight compared to those who did not (15.8% vs 14.1%, P=0.76). Similar trends were observed in boys. However, overweight boys who were trying to lose weight were less likely to smoke than overweight boys who were not trying to lose weight (9.8% vs 24.5%, P<0.05). There were no differences in body weight, BMI, caloric intake or fat intake among smokers and non-smokers. However, smokers reported eating less fruit and vegetables compared to non-smokers, and were over five times more likely to drink alcohol compared to non-smokers (odds ratio: 1´/month, 5.28 (3.82-7.28), 4´/month, 5.29 (3.58-7.82).

CONCLUSION: Tobacco use is common among normal weight adolescents trying to lose weight. Tobacco use is also associated with a cluster of other unhealthy dietary practices in adolescents.

International Journal of Obesity (2001) 25, 1381-1385


adolescent; smoking; dieting


Although it has been suggested that adolescents may use tobacco as a form of weight control, the prevalence of this practice is unknown. Ryan and colleagues have reported that adolescent Irish girls who report recent dieting are over twice as likely to smoke as adolescents who do not report weight loss attempts.1 In addition, data from Tomeo et al2 and French et al3 also suggest that smoking among girls was associated with almost a two-fold risk of dieting. In fact, the Expert Committee on the Evaluation and Treatment of Childhood Obesity recommends that smoking cessation should be one of the cornerstones of treating overweight children, along with improved parenting skills, reduced caloric intake and increased activity levels.4

Previous studies on the relationship between smoking and dieting have relied on self-reported smoking behavior in adolescents. While self-reported smoking behavior is generally considered a reliable measure of actual smoking in adolescents, biases may exist in the data depending on the setting that the information was obtained.5,6 In addition, previous studies have also not examined whether smoking was more prevalent among either normal-weight or overweight adolescents who were trying to lose weight or whether nutritional intake was actually different among smokers and non-smokers.

To address the association of dieting and adolescent smoking, data were analyzed from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, cycle III (NHANES III), a nationally representative sample of children and adults. Comprehensive data including weight, height, weight loss attempts, smoking habits, and serum cotinine levels allowed for analysis of the relationship of smoking to weight loss attempts in overweight and normal-weight adolescents. Data from both 24 h dietary recall and a food frequency questionnaire also allowed for the analysis of the relationship between smoking and nutritional intake among adolescents.



The National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey, Cycle III (NHANES III) is the seventh in a series of large national health examination surveys conducted in the United States since the 1960s. The first phase of NHANES III examined a nationally representative sample of children and adults between 1988 and 1991.† The sample included 1331 children aged 12-18. Weights and heights were available on over 99% of the children. Serum cotinine levels were available on 1132 of the adolescents (85% of eligible cohort).


Body weight and height were measured according to previously described methods.7 Reference body mass index (BMI) percentiles were derived from the first National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.8 This definition is in accordance with recommendations of the Expert Committee on Clinical Guidelines for Overweight in Adolescence9 and Expert Committee on Obesity Evaluation and Treatment.4 Normal weight was defined as a BMI (kg/m2) less than the 85th percentile for age and gender; we classified adolescents with a BMI (kg/m2) greater than the 85th percentile for age and gender as overweight.11,12

Smoking, weight loss attempts and nutritional assessment

Adolescents were asked about frequency of smoking and number of cigarettes smoked per day. In addition, adolescents were also asked whether they had tried to lose weight within the last 12 months. Nutritional intake was assessed using a food frequency questionnaire and 24 h diet recall. The food frequency questionnaire included an assessment of alcohol intake. Previous studies have demonstrated the validity and reliability of reported adolescent alcohol intake.10,11,12 Intake of fat and energy were calculated using the USDA's Survey Nutrient Data Base (SNDB) based on the 24 h dietary recall, which the adolescents provided themselves. Interviews were conducted privately, by trained study staff, and staff performance was monitored routinely.

Laboratory testing

Serum cotinine levels were measured using an isotope dilution, liquid chromatography, tandem mass spectrometry method. Cotinine, a long-lasting metabolite of nicotine (t1/2=15-20 h), is considered the most specific and sensitive biological marker of cigarette smoking.13 Serum cotinine cut-off levels of 15 ng/ml were used to designate smokers and non-smokers. Previous studies using the NHANES III data have demonstrated a 96% concordance between self-reported smoking status and serum cotinine levels above or below 15 ng/ml.14


For the purposes of this study, 'adolescents' were defined as 12-18-y-old children and 'smokers' were defined as those adolescents with a serum cotinine level of 15 ng/ml or higher. Since the NHANES III study oversampled black people, Hispanic people, and younger adolescents, the data were adjusted to account for unequal selection by using sample weights provided by NHANES III. Differences in proportions were assessed using chi-square. Odds ratios were calculated using logistic regression. Multivariate logistic regression analysis was utilized to assess the independent effects of smoking on nutritional intake after adjusting for age, gender and family income. In order to adjust for complex sample design and clustering effects in the NHANES III sample, statistical significance was assessed using the balanced repeated replication method using the software package WesVarPC (Westat Inc., Rockville, MD).


Overall concordance between self-reported smoking status and serum cotinine levels was 92.7% (Table 1). In particular, 96.5% of adolescents with cotinine levels below 15 ng/ml were self-reported non-smokers while 69.6% of adolescents with serum cotinine levels above 15 ng/ml were self-reported smokers. As a result, sensitivity for self-report was 77% and specificity was 95%. For both boys and girls, prevalence of both self-reported smoking and elevated serum cotinine levels were significantly more common in older adolescents compared to younger adolescents (P<0.001). There was no difference in family income between smokers and non- smokers (P=0.95).

Similar levels of smoking were present in normal-weight and overweight girls (17.0% vs 15.2%, P=0.51). However, normal-weight girls who reported trying to lose weight were over twice as likely to smoke as normal-weight girls who did not try to lose weight (23.7% vs 12.6%, P<0.01; odds ratio: 2.16 (1.26-3.72)). In addition, normal-weight female smokers who attempted to lose weight reported smoking almost twice as many cigarettes per day as normal-weight female smokers who did not try to lose weight (cigarettes/day: 14.1±1.1 vs 8.6±1.2, P<0.001). In contrast, there was no difference in smoking among overweight girls who tried to lose weight and those who did not (15.8% vs 14.1%, P=0.76).

Similar results were observed in boys. Prevalence of smoking was similar in normal-weight and overweight boys (22.2% vs 19.4%, P=0.44). There was a trend for normal-weight boys attempting weight loss to smoke more often than normal-weight boys who did not attempt to lose weight (35.5% vs 21.6%, P=0.11; odds ratio 2.00 (0.86-4.61)). However, among overweight boys, those who were trying to lose weight were significantly less likely to smoke compared to those who were not trying to lose weight (9.8% vs 24.5%, P<0.05).

Too few smoking adolescents were enrolled to determine whether racial differences existed in patterns of smoking and attempted weight loss. In addition, too few younger adolescents were smokers to determine whether smoking and attempted weight loss was related to age.

After adjusting for age and gender, there were no differences in reported caloric intake (P=0.75) and total fat intake (P=0.13) between adolescent smokers and non-smokers (Table 2). After adjusting for age, there was also no difference in BMI between smokers and non-smokers among either normal weight boys (P=0.26), overweight boys (P=0.84), normal-weight girls (P=0.36), or overweight girls (P=0.98). However, smokers reported significantly lower fruit and vegetable intake per day (Table 2). Adolescents who smoked had substantially lower levels of serum vitamin C and -carotene compared to non-smokers (vitamin C, 35.9±2.9 vs 47.4±1.6, P<0.001; -carotene, 0.19±0.01 vs 0.26±0.01, P<0.001). In addition, alcohol intake was significantly higher among smokers in both the 24 h dietary recall (P<0.001) and the food frequency record (P<0.001). In fact, adolescent smokers were over five times more likely to report alcohol consumption compared to adolescent non-smokers (odds ratio: 1´/month, 5.28 (3.82-7.28); 4´/month, 5.29 (3.58-7.82)).


This study demonstrates over a two-fold increase in smoking among normal-weight adolescent girls who have tried to lose weight in a large, cross-sectional national cohort. By using objective measures of smoking status, this study has confirmed previous findings showing a similarly increased risk of smoking among girls who report either excessive weight concerns or frequent dieting.1,2,3 In contrast, there was no increased risk of smoking among either overweight girls or overweight boys trying to lose weight. In fact, overweight boys who were trying to lose weight were significantly less likely to smoke than those who were not trying to lose weight. These results imply that normal-weight girls may adopt more pathological methods of weight loss than overweight girls and boys.

Overall dietary intake was worse in adolescents who smoked compared to those who did not. While there were no detectable differences in reported caloric or fat intake among adolescent smokers and non-smokers, smokers ate significantly less fresh fruit and vegetables. Similar findings have been previously reported by Coulson and colleagues.15 Studies in adults also report less healthy diets in smokers compared to non-smokers. A meta-analysis of over 60 studies in adults examining patterns of nutrient intake in smokers revealed a slight increase in total calories and fat among smokers as well as decreased intake of fiber, fruit and vegetables.16 Adolescent smokers were also more than five times more likely to consume alcohol on a regular basis than non-smokers. In addition, Crisp and colleagues have demonstrated more than a seven-fold increase in alcohol consumption among adolescents who smoke.17 Therefore, this study confirms the clustering of adolescent smoking with adverse health and dietary behaviors which has been previously described.18,19

Previous studies have demonstrated that almost 40% of adolescents believe that smoking can help control their weight.20,21 Although the cross-sectional design of the study precludes any definitive conclusions on the relationship between smoking and weight loss, the finding of similar BMI as well as caloric and fat intake in both smokers and non-smokers argues against any major relationship between smoking and appetite suppression. Although there is ample evidence that smoking cessation in adults typically leads to 3-5 kg weight gain, there is no evidence that smoking initiation leads to weight loss.22 Both the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults Study (CARDIA) and the Nurses Health Study demonstrate similar degrees of weight gain over a 7-8 y period in those who initiated smoking and those who never smoked.23,24 Unfortunately, the NHANES III data does not include objective measures of physical activity or energy expenditure which could be influenced by nicotine or other cigarette byproducts.25

The causal mechanism for the association between smoking and dieting among adolescents remains speculative. While it is likely that many adolescents begin smoking in order to lose weight, it is also possible that dieting leads to increased rates of smoking and alcohol use. Krahn and colleagues have hypothesized that the feelings of deprivation associated with dieting may increase the desire for both cigarettes and alcohol.26 In animal models, food deprivation is one of the most powerful stimulants for increased self-administration drugs, alcohol and nicotine.27 In young women, Jones et al,28 Hatsukami et al29 and Beary et al30 have shown that the prevalence of daily alcohol use increases dramatically after the onset of bulimia.

In this study, serum cotinine levels were used as an objective measure of smoking. While previous studies have generally confirmed the reliability of self-reported smoking, many adolescent smokers underestimate the amount of cigarettes they smoke or even deny smoking.6 Murray and colleagues have demonstrated that adolescent disclosure of cigarette smoking is also different when adolescents are promised confidentiality but not anonymity compared to when the adolescents are promised both confidentiality and anonymity.6 In this study, the results were both confidential and anonymous. Nevertheless, the sensitivity and specificity of self-reported smoking among adolescents was 77% and 95%, respectively, which is comparable to results obtained by other authors using similar methodology.31,32,33

In summary, the use of the NHANES III data and its inclusion of serum cotinine levels provides the most objective measure of the relationship between smoking and attempted weight loss in adolescence. Normal-weight adolescent girls who are trying to lose weight are particularly likely to smoke. In addition, these results also highlight the clustering of high-risk health patterns among adolescents¾smoking, dieting, alcohol consumption, and poor fruit and vegetable intake. Although many adolescents believe that smoking will decrease their weight, this study demonstrates similar BMI, caloric intake and fat intake among smokers.

† Serum cotinine levels were not measured in the second phase of NHANES III (1992-1994).


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Table 1 Serum cotinine levels and self-reported smoking in 12 to 18-y-old adolescents, NHANES III 1988-1991

Table 2 Dietary intake in smokers and non-smokers, NHANES III 1988-1991

why do people smoke?

Smoking is one of the most difficult addictions to break. Scientists estimate that cigarettes are more addictive than cocaine, heroin, or alcohol. According to the World Health Organization, smoking kills more people than any disease in the world. With all this information readily available, why do people continue to smoke?

Most people who smoke do so because they can't stop. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance that makes people feel energized and alert. Smokers get a rush after a cigarette, and giving up produces withdrawal symptoms that include difficulty sleeping and cravings. Seventy percent of people who quit smoking eventually start again.

Tobacco advertising also has a big influence on why people smoke. For years, the industry has focused on making smoking glamorous through advertising in movies, television, and billboards. While cigarette advertising is now controlled, its influence can still be felt in the form of free samples, smoking cartoons, and the promise of cool merchandise that can be obtained in exchange for coupons printed on cigarette packs. Many people claim that smoking keeps them thin, but the truth is that smoking reduces the sense of taste, so many people who smoke simply eat less because they don't enjoy food as much.

Smoking also produces psychological dependency. Many people smoke because it helps them relax and cope with difficult situations, or because it gives them confidence. Others smoke when they feel bored. Smoking produces a feeling of satisfaction that's difficult to give up. Finally, people who smoke are usually in denial – they know that smoking is bad, but they convince themselves it's simply "not as terrible as they make it sound."

Smoking is a social activity as well. Many people who smoke do so as a way to start conversations and interact at parties or in crowded places. This is known as "social smoking," and it usually involves alcohol as a complement.

Many teenagers start smoking due to peer pressure. They may also smoke to feel more mature or as a form of rebellion against parental authority. It has been proved that children are also more likely to smoke if their parents do.

Monday, July 6, 2009


since i am to lose weight.. another thing i must take a look at is my calorie intake.. thats fine by me but how do i know how much calories am i putting into my body?? afterall Malaysia is not really a health conscience nation yet.. all the food that we eat there are no labels on them.. how do i count my calorie intake? do i just estimate like a plate of nasi lemak is 500 calories.. if i were to be on a 1500 calorie a day i just take 3 plates of nasi lemak a day?

what is a serving size anyways? does it depend on the hand size of the cook? or is it refering to the hand size of the waiter or waitress who serves you? from most of the diet websites that i have read.. it shows that a serving of a particular kind of food depends on the weight.. so i have to bring a weighing scale everytime i eat? kinda troublesome dont you think? another disclaimer about calories is "Actual calorie content depends on food preparation, cooking method and other factors." the world must be ment to be fat if that is what a guy like me who wants to be trim and fit has to go thru..

Sunday, July 5, 2009

why should i diet??

well.. today maybe i would like to share on why i am dieting.. personally i have no grouses with my weight.. yes i do look like someone who belongs on the lorry with the sign "WIDE LOAD".. little kids do tease me when they see me.. but that doesnt put me down.. i still feel good about myself.. i have been to the doctors numerous times to take a medical.. the doctors cant find anything wrong me.. my blood pressure, my cholesterol, my blood sugar, my heart, my lungs, and all those other things that everybody is so scared about.. they are so baffled.. even athletes have some health problems.. so most of u must be wondering should i diet if everything about me is good..

here's partly the reason why.. its hard for me to find clothes.. well not in ur normal everyday clothes shop at least.. i must search for those big and tall sales.. not too fashionable.. but i dun think guys do really care about being in fashion or not.. or maybe im not just metrosexual yet.. HEHEHE..

another part of the reason is i wanna get married and start a family.. maybe i dun really understand girls or something but so far all of whom i have met dun really think of me as good husband material.. i am just a very good best friend material.. i am very mesra with everybody.. even my tag line "mesra" was stolen by bob AF.. so being mesra and all some people do tell me its not because i dont have the qualities most gals or even their parents are looking for in a husband or son in law.. its because i am a "WIDE LOAD"..

ah well i guess that says it all.. no clothes no wife.. so im basicly forced to diet and no longer become a "WIDE LOAD"


Panduan Pemakanan Malaysia


1. Makan Pelbagai Jenis Makanan
Tidak ada satu makanan pun yang membekalkan kesemua nutrien yang anda perlukan.
Pilih pengambilan diet harian anda dengan kombinasi pelbagai jenis makanan berpandukan Piramid Makanan.
Makan secara tetap dan teratur. Jangan tinggalkan waktu makan anda.

2. Kekalkan Berat Badan Unggul Dengan Mengimbangkan Pengambilan Makanan Dan Aktiviti Fizikal
Umur, jantina dan aktiviti fizikal menentukan keperluan makanan anda.
Kekalkan berat badan unggul.
Timbang berat badan anda secara tetap, sekurang-kurangnya sekali dalam sebulan.
Kira berat badan unggul anda dengan mengggunakan formula Indeks Jisim Tubuh (BMI) :

BMI = Berat (kg)/ (Tinggi ( m ) x Tinggi ( m ))

Jika BMI anda ialah Anda adalah
Kurang daripada 18.5
Kurang berat badan

18.5 hingga < 25
Berat badan normal

25 hingga < 30
Berlebihan berat badan

30 atau lebih
Kegemukan atau obes

3. Pilih Makanan Yang Mengandungi Bijirin , Hasil Bijirin Dan Kekacang
Sumber tenaga utama perlulah daripada sumber bijirin penuh.
Bijirin penuh adalah sumber karbohidrat kompleks dan juga sumber serat yang baik.
Sila rujuk Piramid Makanan.

4. Makan Lebih Buah-buahan dan Sayur-sayuran
Sumber terbaik bagi vitamin, mineral dan serat.
Sumber terbaik antioksida.
Dapat meningkatkan sistem pertahanan badan dan melawan jangkitan kuman.
Serat dapat mengelakkan sembelit.

5. Pilih Makanan Rendah Lemak dan Kolesterol
Lemak menyumbangkan lebih tenaga berbanding karbohidrat dan protein. Sekiranya anda mempunyai berat badan berlebihan, kurangkan pengambilan lemak dalam makanan anda.
Panduan untuk mengurangkan pengambilan lemak :
Buang lemak dan kulit pada ayam dan daging sebelum masak.
Gunakan sedikit minyak semasa memasak.
Rebus, panggang, kukus dan menggunakan ketuhar gelombang mikro ('microwave') adalah lebih baik daripada menggoreng.
Gunakan susu tanpa lemak atau santan cair dalam masakan anda.
Panduan untuk mengurangkan pengambilan kolesterol: :
Organ dalaman (hati, pedal, jantung, otak), makanan laut (ketam, udang, sotong) dan kuning telur adalah makanan tinggi kolesterol. Kurangkan jumlah dan kekerapan pengambilannya.
Ikan dan hasil soya (tauhu, tempeh) adalah rendah kolesterol. Jadikan makanan ini sebahagian dalam hidangan anda.

6. Pilih Makanan Rendah Gula Dan Garam
Gula membekalkan kalori. Sekiranya anda mempunyai berat badan berlebihan, kurangkan pengambilan gula dalam makanan anda.

Kurangkan pengambilan gula dalam:
Pencuci mulut. Gantikan pencuci mulut yang manis dengan buah-buahan segar
Kurangkan pengambilan garam dengan :
dmengurangkan makanan terproses atau diawet. Pilih makanan segar.
Kurangkan makanan tinggi garam ( Rujuk Jadual Kandungan Garam Dalam Makanan).
Kurangkan garam, kicap, sos tiram dan sebagainya dalam masakan. Gantikan dengan herba dan rempah-ratus bagi menyedapkan masakan anda.
Elakkan snek tinggi garam seperti kacang yang mengandungi garam dan kerepek kentang.

7. Minum Banyak Air
Minum air sekurang-kurangnya 6 hingga 8 gelas air dalam sehari walaupun anda tidak berasa dahaga bagi mengelakkan sembelit dan kekurangan cecair dalam badan.
Pengambilan air adalah dalam bentuk air kosong, jus buah-buahan, jus sayur-sayuran dan sup.

8. Ambil Makanan Yang Bersih Dan Selamat
Ambil makanan sebaik sahaja dimasak dan elakkan makanan anda terdedah lebih daripada dua jam.
Basuh tangan anda dengan air bersih dan sabun sebelum dan selepas mengendalikan makanan.
Sekiranya anda makan di luar, pilih premis atau gerai makanan yang bersih.

the meaning of diet

well it has been a week since i started on my diet.. i just thought maybe today i just share with u the meaning of diet.. the meaning of diet is

Diet, in relation to food, might mean:

Diet (nutrition), the sum of the food consumed by an organism or group.
Dieting, the deliberate selection of food to control body weight or nutrient intake.
Diet food, foods that aid in dieting
Cuisine, the diet of a particular culture
Diet may also mean:

Diet (assembly), formal deliberative assembly
The Imperial Diet: (German: Reichstag) the imperial assembly of the princes of the Holy Roman Empire until 1806
The Diet of the Empire: (German: Reichstag) legislative assembly of the German Empire 1871–1917
The Federal Diet: (literally for German: Deutscher Bundestag) federal parliament of Germany
State Diet: (literally for German: Landtag) state parliament of most of the German federated states
Diet of Finland: the legislative assembly of the Grand Duchy of Finland from 1809 to 1906
Diet of Japan: Japan's legislature
Diet (Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode): an episode of the animated series Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
Dietsch: distinguishes the southern dialects in the Middle Dutch language

Saturday, July 4, 2009

saturday off day

wanna know why i say today is an off day?? well its because i had nasi lemak tangling with my parents and grandma this morning.. considering i've not eaten rice for the whole week.. i guess its ok.. i know it puts me back a little bit but i did ride the stationary bike for an hour and a half.. so i dont feel that guilty.. thinking of going on the bike again b4 i sleep.. hope im not over exerting myself.. ;)

the weekend is here

yes went thru day 6.. usual stuff more work to do.. still on the no rice diet.. still big sized.. well what do u expect i just started almost a week.. hehehe.. if only i could weigh myself.. seems that all the normal bathroom scales cant take my weight though.. maybe i'll drop by the market tomorrow so that i could weigh myself on the timbang barang.. like i used to do when i was in mrsm perlis.. i like lost almost 100 kilos within a year..

well im no longer 15 or 16 so my metabolism rate must be lower.. so if i refer to the good old days.. its going to take me double the time to lose 100kg.. by then i will almost be 35.. gosh sounds old.. hope by then i already have someone in my life so she can give me more support.. ;)

Friday, July 3, 2009

and the fifth day has gone by

for those who read my blog must be wondering why didnt i post anything in the morning as usual.. well i was really sleepy last nite so i woke up kinda late.. headed straight to office and had tonnes of work to do.. i was so very busy that i didnt even get a chance to open up my laptop until almost 4 pm.. by then it was almost time to go back home..

infact i cant even remember if i ate or not.. theres no hunger feeling though.. so i guess i must have eaten something.. but i didnt go to the stall or shops.. must have been the biscuits in the pantry.. gosh.. not just i couldnt remember if i ate or not.. i dun even remember what made me so busy in the office today.. is this diet effecting my memory??? hehehe..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

hari ke 4

well another day another entry.. i think i'm starting to get used to the idea of not eating rice.. do keep in mind that i said "get used to" i didnt say i'm over rice.. afterall i've eaten rice everyday for almost 33 years.. and everywhere u go in malaysia the word "nasi" is on every menu somehow.. that makes it tough to eat out when u r on a no rice diet.. and its kinda funny when u think about it.. u go for lunch at gerai nasi campur and u just take the lauk, so if everybody eats the way i do.. it becomes gerai campur? hehehe;)