Saturday, July 4, 2009

the weekend is here

yes went thru day 6.. usual stuff more work to do.. still on the no rice diet.. still big sized.. well what do u expect i just started almost a week.. hehehe.. if only i could weigh myself.. seems that all the normal bathroom scales cant take my weight though.. maybe i'll drop by the market tomorrow so that i could weigh myself on the timbang barang.. like i used to do when i was in mrsm perlis.. i like lost almost 100 kilos within a year..

well im no longer 15 or 16 so my metabolism rate must be lower.. so if i refer to the good old days.. its going to take me double the time to lose 100kg.. by then i will almost be 35.. gosh sounds old.. hope by then i already have someone in my life so she can give me more support.. ;)

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