Monday, July 6, 2009


since i am to lose weight.. another thing i must take a look at is my calorie intake.. thats fine by me but how do i know how much calories am i putting into my body?? afterall Malaysia is not really a health conscience nation yet.. all the food that we eat there are no labels on them.. how do i count my calorie intake? do i just estimate like a plate of nasi lemak is 500 calories.. if i were to be on a 1500 calorie a day i just take 3 plates of nasi lemak a day?

what is a serving size anyways? does it depend on the hand size of the cook? or is it refering to the hand size of the waiter or waitress who serves you? from most of the diet websites that i have read.. it shows that a serving of a particular kind of food depends on the weight.. so i have to bring a weighing scale everytime i eat? kinda troublesome dont you think? another disclaimer about calories is "Actual calorie content depends on food preparation, cooking method and other factors." the world must be ment to be fat if that is what a guy like me who wants to be trim and fit has to go thru..


  1. ishh...ada ker nak bawak scale pi makan?? hahaha....ko agak2 la bro...mende la haha ;p aku rasa tak mkn nasik plg best la....aku dah ilang 3kgs dah ni since aku start after aku balik from teambuilding aku ada cilok2 gak la mkn nasik 3/4/5 kali hahaha ;p tp ok la sbb takde la turun mengejut kan...

  2. jom kita pi bootcamp nak? jom la