Friday, July 31, 2009

the FRIDAY test

friday is rather testing for a guy is trying to lose weight.. as in any other friday i will head to the mosque for friday prayers.. slowly more and more people start to gather outside the mosque.. why? because there are so many hawkers stalls setup up.. they are selling lunch.. some are selling mixed rice, beriani rice, noodle soup and some are just selling drinks..

the test is that all of the food there smells so delicious and looks very tempting.. especially when i pass by a beriani stall.. the aroma.. WOOWWWWWW!!!! its like a must buy.. beriani is my favorite.. one of the first thing that i learned to cook was beriani.. i said to myself if only i wasnt only diet i would surely have some.. i had to keep a strong mind.. and also a strong stomach to resist the temptation to buy..

it was like a scene in "Tiga Abdul" where Abdul Wahub played by P. Ramlee returned to the house for dinner.. the dialog was where Sadiq Segaraga played by Ahmad Nisfu said to Abdul Wahub "argghhh dalam rumah ini semua orang tak makan ambil bau sahaja"... one of the many P. Ramlee movies i like to watch...

i didnt buy it coz i wanted to stick to my diet.. so that was the end... i took a whiff and "ambil bau sahaja" ;)

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