Friday, July 24, 2009

challenges for "1 Malaysia"

An article i read from Sin Chew Daily News:

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s “One Malaysia” concept is now tested by the incidents that happened 103 days after he took the office.

The death of DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock on the 104th day has changed the initial harmony and peaceful situation. Since then, many ridiculous incidents happened, various racial remarks were made, the human rights issue has been turned into a racial and political issue and a rally was held by UMNO members to support the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). Racial politics has distorted the thought of many people, divided the society and everyone is now having their own axe to grind. How is Najib going to lead such a country? How is he going to reform the country and turn it into a high-income nation?

Najib wishes to improve racial relations and enhance economy, but many are sabotaging his effort as they are concerned only about their own political agenda and care not about national interests. Political fights between the ruling and opposition party has triggered the credibility crisis of the national law enforcement authorities. How is Najib going to lead the people towards unity?

"If we turn a blind eye to human rights violation, our children may be the ones to suffer in the future."

After Teoh’s death, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad came out with the “non-Malays were the real masters of the country” remarks with the purpose of diverting attentions, which is also his expertise. During his term of office, he used to divert the people’s attention from important issues by such means when.

Many people could not stand for it and countered his remarks but fell into his trap instead. Pakatan Rakyat leaders already knew his tricks and that was why they gave no response to it.

Extreme racism and thoughts are the barriers to build a progressive and prosperous Malaysia. In the United States and other advanced countries, the white people are the main racial group but they do not say anything like the white people are the masters of the country. The white people in the United States have voted a black president while Malaysia is still struggling with racial issues. Perhaps, we are the “dinosaur country” which is almost extinct in the 21th century globalisation.

Another barrier that holds back the country’s progress is, Malaysians are lack of universal values, including the concepts of human rights, democracy and freedom. Similar to other cases, Teoh’s case involves the violation of human rights by public power and the system needs to be changed. Unfortunately, many people do not see this point. This is terrible as more and more people can tolerate illegal acts and that makes us unable to build a civil society and at the same time, the country has no way to progress.

We defend human rights and freedom because we want to have a better tomorrow for the next generation. If we turn a blind eye to human rights violation, our children may be the ones to suffer in the future.

Another headache for Najib would be both the ruling and opposition parties are having their own political agenda; they do not want the other side to do better. Therefore, they came out with many little tricks while law enforcement agencies, officials and the people are caught in the middle. They become emotional and have lost direction.

In order to rule such a complex country, it has been far from enough to rely only on slogans and economic liberalisation. Most importantly, the people’s mind must be liberated and racial politics must be eliminated. The country will be eventually divided if we keep struggling in racial issues

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