Sunday, July 19, 2009

sunday.. 19 Julai

sunday.. a great day to relax.. i woke up at 10.. had breakfast.. went out for lunch and then came back home and rested.. and slept.. seronoknye.. its hard to get a good rest now a days.. been so very2 busy.. tomorrow is back to work day.. why is the weekend so short.. well if the weekend were to be extended to tuesday or any other day.. it will still be the same.. any working man or woman would dread the the day they have to go back to work.. but everyone must work.. if they do not work who is going to work? we are no longer cavemen.. but it think sometimes its worth being cavemen or king of the jungle.. u have no worries.. all your food are grown on trees.. but if i had a choice i dont think i can be a cavemen.. i do not know how to live their lives.. ;) does a cavemen really exist?

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