Friday, July 17, 2009

notebook hard drive got fried..

HP hdd self Test fail #2 -07 was the error i got when i ran diagnostics on my moms notebook.. what did my mom do.. gosh.. now i have to get a new hard drive for the notebook and see what i can recover from the old one.. what happened in between? what happened before i came back home?

all i know that my mom is starting to blog.. and she likes to try and test all those features that she sees pop up on screen.. ive told her not to be too experimental.. the web is not that friendly.. but she simply doesnt listen.. because she said that it was taught by google on how to blog and how to get the most traffic.. now with the notebook out of commission theres no need for traffic at all..

my mom called like every 5 minutes because the notebook cant be turned on.. shes asking this and that.. i told her to wait until i came back.. but she kept trying to turn it on.. and now.. all i can say is history.. more money to be spent..

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