Friday, July 3, 2009

and the fifth day has gone by

for those who read my blog must be wondering why didnt i post anything in the morning as usual.. well i was really sleepy last nite so i woke up kinda late.. headed straight to office and had tonnes of work to do.. i was so very busy that i didnt even get a chance to open up my laptop until almost 4 pm.. by then it was almost time to go back home..

infact i cant even remember if i ate or not.. theres no hunger feeling though.. so i guess i must have eaten something.. but i didnt go to the stall or shops.. must have been the biscuits in the pantry.. gosh.. not just i couldnt remember if i ate or not.. i dun even remember what made me so busy in the office today.. is this diet effecting my memory??? hehehe..

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