Sunday, August 2, 2009

nothing to watch on tv if only i still had my bbq set

sunday morning 738 am.. hard to go back to sleep after morning prayers.. so i flicked thru the channels that i subscribe on astro.. and i end up on channel 703 "asian food channel" its showing "licence to grill".. makes me miss my BBQ set that i brought back from the USA.. now it has turned into a flower pot.. if only the malaysian weather wasnt so wet and humid maybe my bbq set could have lasted a lifetime..

grilling food is good for someones health.. it has a lot of benefits.. grilling doesn't sear in a lot of fats.. it's easier to trim any unwanted fat from the meat than it is when you cook meat on a stove or in the oven.. grilling foods requires less cooking time than cooking on a stove or in an oven.. grilling surfaces are made of metals which are excellent heat conductors.. many grills can also reach higher temperatures than household stoves or ovens..

grilling is also beneficial because grilling doesn't take away any of the natural tenderness and natural flavor of the meats.. propane and charcoal grills include vents which can be adjusted to allow meat to retain air and moisture, which make the meat more tender and flavorful.. grilled meat often preserves the intended flavor and texture of many meats and vegetables without sacrificing essential nutrients..

oh how i miss my bbq grill..

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