Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Asian Food Channel - a positive or negative??

i watch channel 703 "Asian Food Channel" often enough.. it shows everything that is related to food from all over the world.. great to watch as it adds variety to what i eat.. all up to me to choose.. do i wanna try a healthy meal or otherwise.. maybe try to cook what i see on the weekends.. yeah right i wish i had the time to cook..

the down side of the shows on AFC is that sometimes the language used by some show host are so vulgar.. yeah in Malaysia we do sensor it with the "BLEEPPP" sound but any one on earth knows he or she uses foul language..

another negative is when they cook on tv.. are the ingredients washed before throwing 'em in the pot or frying pan? in fact i dont even see the cooks wash their own hands..

the two negatives of AFC could be bad influence to the kids who are watching.. they are just learning.. who knows what future chefs or tukang masak gerai will be like if they keep on watching.. maybe we can just tolerate the foul language because we are being stuffed with good food huh..

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