Saturday, August 1, 2009

back home..

i just got back home.. thanks to the Lebuhraya Pantai Timur, driving to Indera Mahkota and back is not too tiring.. with my Garmin XT GPS working on my Nokia N86 it is impossible to get lost.. i found Dewan Wisma Belia easily.. it is just across the street from Kolej Shahputra..

when i got to the wedding, i parked the car and got out.. thats when the car alarm acted up.. everytime i press lock, the alarm would go off.. when i press unlock the alarm would go off too.. i was dumbfounded.. in the end i called up the car accessory shop manager and relayed to him my predicament.. he told me to press the bypass button and lock the door with the keys manually..

after all that i headed to the banquet hall.. the Sultan of Pahang was there as the VVIP guest.. maybe because i arrived like 1 hour behind schedule.. as soon as i wanted to start enjoying my nasi minyak lunch.. the Sultan was going to leave.. so it is protocol that when a VVIP guest is leaving u gotta stand up.. it took him like 10 minutes to leave the hall.. finally i get to eat.. thank god it wasnt going to be like yesterday.. u know.. "ambil bau sahaja" LOL!!!!!

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