Monday, August 10, 2009

mama and abah's 34th wedding anniversary - dinner at Sri Ayutthaya

on 8/8/9 my parents celebrated their 34th year of marriage.. went for dinner at sri ayutthaya in medan damansara.. the food there is nice.. didnt order too much as i fear that my will power is not that strong when good food is served right in front of my eyes.. LOL!!!!... below are what we ordered.. maybe some of you who love thai food can give it a try..

pla sam rod - ikan 3 rasa

chicken in lotus leaf - ayam balut daun lotus

butter prawn - udang goreng mentega

fried baby kailan in fish sauce - hmm.. apa ek dalam bahasa melayu.. anak kailan goreng sos ikan??? LOL!!!!!


  1. Saya doakan ur mama n abah bahagia selamanya. Eee... sedapnya ayam balut daun lotus...

  2. hi big daddy, i just wanna know ur progress after taking the just mate coz i tried b4 but i failed. i guess i need more will power ..