Sunday, June 28, 2009

pukul 3 pagi

its 3 am and i am still awake.. im not sleepy at all.. well at least tomorrow is sunday.. i want to start another new target.. yet again.. why yet again? i've been on and off diets so many times.. but i really should start dieting.. and stick to it.. last i weighed my self my weight was 184kg.. where as my ideal weight according to my 184cm height should be 85 to 90 kg.. wow!!! about 94kg to lose.. funny ain't it.. my weight ratio is like 1kg per cm...

i've tried those diet milk shakes.. i've tried not eating.. i've tried taking appettite suppressant.. i've tried xenical ( makes ur ass get oily)... but the best was when i didnt take rice at all.. i lost like 30kg.. i am no diet expert but it seems that no rice works best.. but when u refer to the food pyramid there should be some portion rice intake.. what is a portion? how much is a portion? why is it that when i eat with my skinny tiny friends they eat double the portion that i eat.. and they are still tiny and skinny.. it makes me wonder.. is it because i am eating too little?

well as of today... june the 28th 2009.. i am going to start another diet journey.. hope this time it will last and i can reach my ideal weight target.. for those who will follow my blog.. do pray for me and give me motivation and encouragement.. thank you


  1. hey i have a friend who has been following this diet ..can;t remember the name though but it gives you a list of food to take for each day. The best thing is that you are still able to eat 3 times a day. It works on her though..she lost a lot of weight since practicing it. I will share with you the diet plan once i get it from her. Remind me though.

  2. hey..i also on diet now..
    my diet is simple... no rice.. now 1 month dah tak makan nasi.
    plus..i go for exercise 3-4 times per week.
    every exercise ..just 1 hour.
    so far.. i only lost 2 kilos..that is a big achievement for me.
    keep it up bro..
    don't start with crash diet..
    start with rice first..
    if firt can manage with no rice..then add the meenu... no mee kuning..
    after you achieve certain target.. allow yourself to eat rice.. ok for once..

  3. ajis....aku dgn adik aku pun tgh buat no rice diet neh....jom la kita sama2 lose aku takde la nak kena turun as much as u do bro! all da best to u..insyaallah boleh nye la ;) btw, penah try dat 3day diet plan(u can google la if u're interested)...its not working la...4 me la....