Saturday, October 19, 2013

Gunung Kinabalu - Persediaan Peralatan

after much research and surveying.. here are a few things outside of basic necessities for the mount kinabalu climb.. might have additions later on 1. waterproof, breathable hiking shoes with vibram soles for better traction (1/2 or 1 size bigger than your normal shoe size) 2. hiking socks (it is thick thats why ur shoes must be bigger) 3. headgear (cap, ski mask) 4. headlamp 5. winter/all weather jacket 6. hersheys or snickers or mars bar.. no need to buy those expensive protein bars.. 7. anti cramp tablets 8. gloves (yg utk kebun putih2 murah tu and one nice rm12 glove) 9. hiking sandals optional just in case you bought wrong shoes for the descent.. we do not want toe nails yang terkopek.. 10. walking poles optional depends on your leg strength better to have your hand free 11. water bottle or water pouch with attachment that u can just use with your existing backpack 12. rain coat/poncho for urself and backpack

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