Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Subject: Fw: Microsoft will pay you $245.00 - spam email crap

below is from an email i got.. read it and see what i say about it afterwards

Dear Friends,

Please do not take this for a junk letter.. Bill Gates is sharing his fortune. If you ignore this you will repent later. Microsoft and AOL are now the largest Internet companies and in an effort to make sure that Internet Explorer remains the most widely used program, Microsoft and AOL are running an e-mail beta test.

When you forward this e-mail to friends, Microsoft can and will track it (if you are a Microsoft Windows user) for a two week time period.

For every person that you forward this e-mail to, Microsoft will pay you $245.00, for every person that you sent it to that forwards it on, Microsoft will pay you $243.00 and for every third person that receives it, you will be paid $241.00. Within two weeks!, Microsoft will contact you for your address and then send you a cheque.

i first got this kind of mail when i was still studying in the states.. 1994-1998.. like 15 years on it is still lingerie on the net.. i thought it was real then.. the testimonials seem genuine.. i sent this mail to so many friends..

just imagine how many malaysian students were online then.. the number could have easily been in the thousands.. all of whom got in touch with each other thru email and mirc(something like ym, windows messenger, skype for the younger generation now)..

lets say i forwarded this to 100 frens.. so according to the email i would get USD245 per person.. i should have gotten USD24,500 then right.. but i didnt get any response from Microsoft or AOL.. no email.. no calls.. my Great Western bank account still had the same balance as before.. there were no checks in the mail..

now its 2009.. AOL is still not a part of the Microsoft Corporation.. rocketmail no longer exists.. i still get this email.. if this was genuine.. 15 years on.. i should have already become a millionaire at least.. thank god at least u do not have to part with ur money to try this and learn that it is a hoax..

come on people nothing in life is so easy.. wise up..

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